Meet Tiny Little Chef

Hi there! I am Christy, the Owner/Founder/Chef of Tiny Little Chef. Here's a bit about my background and how Tiny Little Chef came to be. 

I grew up in the kitchen, learning how to cook and bake from my grandparents and always loved the creativity that went with it. I actually attended NAU to become a teacher but dropped out with not much more than a semester to graduate to attend the Art Institute of Phoenix, where I was taught by one of only FIVE Certified Master Chefs in the world. I LOVE cooking, and completely lose track of time and the outside world when I am in the zone. It's what I was born to do (aside from being a Mom to my Son).

I have held every position imaginable in the food industry, so I definitely know the ins and outs, and I became interested in nutrition when I was told to "eat a bunch of cheeseburgers" to gain wait when I was ready to become a Mom. Um, yeah, that's not the best advice!

I am a certified Weight Management Specialist, Sports Nutrition Coach, and a Fasting Expert. I know that different people, and bodies, need different things and i do NOT subscribe to the one size fits all method that is so common these days. I am here to help YOU, and I look forward to cooking for you!

FUN FACT: My Dad was the one who nicknamed me Tiny Little Chef when I started Culinary School and we needed to come up with email addresses (it was 1999, email was still relatively new). His exact words were "well, you're tiny, you're little, and you're going to be a Chef, so how about Tiny Little Chef?" And 25 years later here we are :)